NSW Tobacco Strategy

No smoking signs

The NSW Tobacco Strategy is one of the most proactive smoking reforms ever seen in Australia and has seen smoking banned in playgrounds, public sports grounds, swimming pools, public transport stops and the entrances to public buildings. In 2015 the ban on smoking will be extended to all commercial outdoor dining areas.

The Minister for Health and Minister for Medical Research, Jillian Skinner stated “Smoking-related illness accounts for around 5200 deaths and 44,000 hospitalisations per year in NSW and costs around $8 billion each year,” which is a cost that effects every business both directly and indirectly.

What does this mean for your business?

This new NSW Tobacco Strategy falls in line with current OH&S safe work practices banning smoking near any doorways, venting ducts or windows and as a business owner or manager you have a responsibility to provide clear and defined warning signs.

How do you comply?

That’s the easy part as Hot Chilli Source have put together packages to help display visible warning signs and stickers with individual or custom signs available. Click here to view our suggested warning signs or contact one of our friendly staff to help.