When it comes time to purchase there are 3 main factors that will make up the decision process with internal factors determining thier importance - it is these 3 factors that Hot Chilli Source use as the starting point for any procurement solution.

Quality - When determining a particular requirement one will have internal business factors that weigh heavily in the final decision of what level of quality is required. If it is a product being purchased than qualities such as Performance, Reliability, Safety compliance and provision are important. If it is a particular service required than Competence, Responsiveness and Credibility will be factors to consider.

Pricing - Pricing factors to consider when determining a fair price for a product are manufacturing cost, market place, competition, market condition and QUALITY.

Service - The value of good or bad service to your business will determine the importance placed on its importance. For many companies the value of great service to their business is beyond measure – the peace of mind that comes with a service or product provider that delivers on time every time will often coincide with a higher importance placed on quality of product rather than cost.

Pie Chart

The very thing that sets HCS apart from the competition is the fact most sales companies are exactly that "a sales company".

Hot Chilli Source - it's all in the name - we are a sourcing procurement company and when you need to source a product a service or just some peace of mind it pays to have a partner that delivers no excuses simply results.