The Hot Chilli Source Team would like to thank those who visited Stand D33 at The 2012 Sydney Safety Show at the Sydney Showground from Oct 23 - 25, 2012.

From left to right: Jason Stenning, Sean Curran, Ayla, Adam Crocker, Angie, Rochelle, Melanie Stenning and Kahili.

Featured Products

Gloves - We featured some iconic brands such as Mechanix Wear plus some new release sneak previews of the SLAMMER, SWAT, CUTTER and SCORCHER gloves from the Super Safety range of hand protection.

Coveralls - Our Trident range of disposable coveralls are a premium range of disposable body protection garments that provide unequaled performance and protection in hazardous environments including asbestos & other toxic dusts, blood borne pathogens and chemicals. Certified to CE Type 4 / 5 / 6 Category 3 standards.

Safety Glasses - You were among the first to lay eyes on some of the newest specs available from the Super Safety range of eye protection such as the AKIMBO and the ECHO. We carry a supreme range of AS/NZS:1337 Standards certified medium impact safety glasses and goggles that offer a broad range of solutions incorporating impact protection, polarised, photochromic and prescription lenses. You can view some of the featured safety glasses at the show on